What are the causes of electrical accidents?

What are the causes of electrical accidents?

The reasons for the occurrence of electrical accidents are-

1. If you disobey the electrical law,

II. If you do not use the controlling equipment,

3. If you use defective goods and equipment,

4. If inattentive to work,

5. If you do not always believe in the content,

6. Due to fear and nervousness,

6. Due to ignorance and lack of intelligence,

6. Going to show extra courage,

9. If you do not properly earthing electrical machines, equipment or running appliances.

10. If you touch a power line without being sure about whether there is a supply or electrostatic charge.

11. If you supply electricity without being sure if someone is working on an electric machine or line.

12. If the supply line, control device, maintenance device etc. are not sufficient in size, strength and mechanical.

13. Wire insulation deterioration etc.

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